Essens Fish Collagen

Nutriessens Fish Collagen

Collagen-based on fish Food supplement in the form of a delicious fruit gel with maracuja and orange flavour

  • Active ingredients: animal and plant collagen with an incomparable content of 7,000 mg, acerola extract (vitamin C) and L-tryptophan

  • The most precious element is NATIVE vegetable collagen (not disturbed by heat, by chemicals or by enzymes during treatment) non-hydrolyzed type II from acacia, which contains no pathogenic agent, preserves its natural structure and whose amino acid sequence is exactly the same as that of human collagen

  • The maximum efficiency of animal collagen is ensured by hydrolysis (a decomposition reaction by water). Indeed, the collagen of animal origin is hardly soluble in water and the human body is not able to use it effectively in the body

  • Today, we know more than 20 different types of collagen, the most important are: type I collagen (which represents 90% of all existing collagen, which is found in the skin, tendons, bones and ligaments), type II collagen (found in the cell mass of cartilage), type III collagen (similar to type I, found in soft tissue, e.g. smooth muscles, nerve fibers, but also in hematopoietic tissues and epithelium)

  • Acerola is a shrub or tree whose fruits are among the richest natural sources of vitamin C, a vitamin essential for the production of collagen in the body

  • The amino acid L-tryptophan is necessary for all cells of the human body and promotes the production of collagen

  • In addition to plant type II collagen from acacia, ESSENS collagen consists of collagen-derived exclusively from fish skin and contains type I and type II collagen

  • ESSENS Collagen Fish helps accelerate wound healing, restore skin elasticity, which results in a more youthful appearance, perfectly nourishes the skin and has a positive impact on hair, nails and the resistance of the skin to temperature fluctuations

  • This gel is free of artificial colours, sugar, gluten and lactose-free.

Weekly pack 7x 50g  RRP: £29.70 

Monthly pack 30x 50g  £118.80

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