Colostrum+ Set

Available in perfumed and non-perfumed

Colostrum+ cosmetics were created on the basis of the newest research, knowledge and trends in the area of the premium health cosmetics. It does not contain any burdening substances, is purely natural and optimally gentle to all skin types. It offers the highest benefits to the 30+ age group. A suitable combination of carefully chosen natural components has a beneficial influence on the regeneration of skin cells and an active anti-ageing effect.

ESSENS Colostrum+ Set in non-perfumed version contains the following products:

ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Day Cream – strengthens and provides intensive protection throughout the whole day.
ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Night Cream – softens wrinkles, hydrates and provides an intensive night-time regeneration.
ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Lifting Serum – smooths wrinkles, tones the skin and keeps it soft and smooth.
ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Eye Gel – reduce bags under the eyes and also refreshes around your eyes.
ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Tonic – effectively removes dirt, tones skin and hydrates.
ESSENS Colostrum+ anti-ageing Face Mild Soap - effectively removes dirt and has soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.
Cosmetic Bag Colostrum+

RRP: £208.60

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