Niche Perfume - Divine Green

Sample 2ml

ESSENS Niche Perfume will engulf you. It`s an obsession, a passion…

It is a secret hidden in the combination of traditional craftsmanship and noble natural ingredients.
It is the ultimate emphasis on perfect interplay and balance of unique fragrances.

Become extraordinary, listen to your own senses and experience unforgettable moments as niche perfumes will guide you through the world of magic, open up a world of memories and kidnap you in the fragrant cloud of your own imagination.

The fresh and sophisticated unisex perfume carries elements of the African continent and above all, its wild nature.

The aroma is introduced by the notes of bergamot with lemon, which together with woody, floral and fruit tones, are underlined by sensual musk and ambergris. The resulting charming fragrance underlines the uniqueness of its owner that is wearing the perfume and leaves behind an unmistakable enthralling footprint.

Top note: Bergamot, lemon, orange, caramel

Middle note: Cedarwood, vetiver, floral and fruit tones

Base note: Woody tones, musk, ambergris

Each NICHE perfume is accompanied by a free, sophisticated gift bag and a silver, cotton ribbon to help emphasise the beauty and luxuriousness of the perfume for you..

RRP: £2.40

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