December 2018 is when Essens first made an appearance on my Facebook. 

The first time I heard about it was a message from a Facebook friend, we were both in a different networking company at the time selling candles and soaps, I will admit I was sceptical to start with as I was brand new to MLMs and direct marketing, but there were a few things I really liked about this company.

1) This company sells lots of products well over 1700, with its main focus being the Perfumes & Aftershaves. Who doesn't love perfumes right?

Essens also have a wide variety of other products including:

Aloe Vera Cosmetics & Food Supplements

Colostrum Cosmetics and Skincare

Essens Beauty Make up Range

Sun Care Products

Home Cleaning Range


Food Supplements

Home Pharmacy

Home Perfume

CDB Products

Essential Oils

Gua Sha

Travel & Accommodation


2) Secondly, it's 100% FREE to join no outlay at all. It is not often you can find a company like this with no joining fee. This really grabbed my attention and made me do a bit more research so here we go...


"What is ESSENS?"

From the Direct Selling Website


Essens have been a well-established company since 2011 !!

"Is ESSENS a pyramid scheme?"

“No!” But I can see why you might ask this question. It’s the same with just about every direct sales company out there, it does seem to get levelled against them.

The truth is pyramid schemes are illegal.

"What fragrances do Essens do?"

Essens do a wide range of fragrances for men and women, these include, Our Classic fragrances, Unique Fragrances, Niche Fragrances, The 4 Elements Limited addition fragrances & Body Mists these fragrances are "inspired by" the big brands we all know and love.

Due to the fact its "inspired by" it is illegal to share the fragrance list publicly. 

If you are looking for the current 2020 Perfume list you can find it HERE on this website or on my V.I.P Facebook Group.

The perfume lists are updated and added to on occasion.


Did you know that Essens never has, and never will test on animals?

Nor do they do support regimes that endorse animal testing.

They are an ethical, environmentally conscious company who care both about our earth and the creatures that inhabit it. So much so that they have chosen to sponsor the Ocean Clean Up project which aims to rid our oceans of plastic by 2025.

"Are Essens fragrances fake or copies?"

Our perfumes are not the same as the brand names.

Essens does not sell fakes or copies.

You will never see another logo on our products, only our logo.

We don’t pretend to be anything or anyone else.

The packaging is Essens. The names of our perfumes are Essens codes.

The only reason you might think it is “fake” is because our scents are all inspired by the top perfumes in the world.

Essens perfumes are NOT imitations! Imitations are products that are designed to *fool* people into thinking it is a brand name when it is not.

It is usually made of inferior products, and sold illegally.

They usually spend a lot of effort mimicking the bottle and the box, but the scent is not even close!

These companies do not have access to the premium essences and ingredients used in high-end designer perfumes.

Essens perfumes are "Inspired by" big brands. All our products are OUR originals. We used existing brands as a starting point, but they are not exactly the same.... even though they DO smell very similar!

That's why they are so popular. But we put the finished perfume in our own bottle. We put OUR logo on it.

Joining Essens!

There are 2 ways you can join Essens both options are FREE.

Join Essens as a V.I.P Customer and just purchase for yourself at a discount. Find out more HERE

Join Essens as a business builder and start earning a profit on all the products you sell. For more details click HERE.