Essens Head'ES Tablets

 Food supplement 30 Capsules


A revolutionary natural food supplement to reduces headaches and increase brain activity. Thanks to its properties and technology of production, it highly exceeds similar products on the market. It contains Coenzyme Q10, B vitamins as well as the standardised vegetable extracts of Ginkgo biloba and black pepper fruit in a suitable proportion. If used regularly, these naturally active substances increase the supply of oxygen and glucose to the brain.

Food supplement, ESSENS Head`ES, was developed and is manufactured under the pharmaceutical supervision in the Czech Republic and is under the fulfilment of the strictest rules and standards of EU. All components are obtained solely from natural sources. No materials are chemically prepared, stabilisers or colourings are not used. For the manufacture, only the best ingredients of the highest possible quality are used. Head’ES capsules do not contain sugar, gluten or lactose, they are entirely safe and non-addictive.

Hi-tech manufacture – top and revolutionary technological processing

All ESSENS Home Pharmacy products are processed by the most modern and revolutionary technologies, such as micronization, enzyme inhibition and multi-layer coating of capsules.

Micronization is a method by which pharmaceuticals, natural substances, vitamins and minerals increase their bioavailability. It is the progressive reduction of raw material to a particle size of several micrometres. The resulting substance, thanks to its larger molecular surface, creates conditions for the improvement and acceleration of dissolution in the body. Due to this, higher efficiency medicaments and food supplements are achieved.

Enzyme inhibition is a process, thanks to which the protection of active materials from potential destruction or from a reduction of absorption is achieved. It is appropriate to deactivate some enzymes, present in the digestive tract, blood circulation and other organs. Excluding potential damages from the activity of enzymes helps to ensure the required physiological activity of active materials in the products. Black pepper extract, and contained within it the alkaloid piperine, carries out the function of enzyme inhibition in ESSENS Head’ES.

Multi-layer coating of a capsule is a unique technology that appears for THE FIRST TIME ON THE WORLD MARKET WITHIN ESSENS HOME PHARMACY PRODUCTS.

Active materials, as necessary, are inserted into the core, others are applied in multiple layers on the core. Their release is thus optimally timed. This is, in general, a way to reach excellent results which can be reached by classic techniques but with great difficulty.

Active Ingredients:
• Coenzyme Q10
• Ginkgo biloba extract 24/6
• Black pepper extract
• Vitamin B2 (riboflavin)
• Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride)

Coenzyme Q10 is a material similar to vitamins. It occurs naturally in every cell of the human body, which uses it to gain energy. The ability to create them strongly decreases with increasing age, and therefore it is advisable to supply the body, for example, in the form of food supplements. Coenzyme Q10 has a very positive influence on the activity of the heart and internal organs. Also, it is significantly involved in the protection of brain cell from wearing out, protects the human body from signs of premature ageing and also improves memory.

Ginkgo biloba tree is amongst one of the oldest plants on Earth and is worshipped for its curative effects. ESSENS Head’ES capsules contain an extract from its leaves. It is standardised to contain 24 % flavonoid glycosides and 6 % terpene lactones. It is vasodilatory (dilates blood vessels), supports microcirculation in the blood system, improves the blood supply to the brain and supplies energy to brain cells. It lowers the aggregation of blood platelets.

Vitamins B2 and B6 positively influence the function of the immune and nervous systems whilst contributing to the maintenance of optimal mental functions and a reduction in exhaustion and fatigue.

Black pepper fruit extract contains the alkaloid piperine. It helps to supply blood to the mucous membranes. It slows down the function of digestive enzymes. It induces thermogenesis which increases the energetic output of body tissues. Thanks to piperine, a better absorption of active materials from a tablet primarily increases the effectiveness achieved. This contributes to reaching the maximal effects in the body.

ESSENS Head’ES can be used:
• to improve memory and concentration
• to reduce fatigue and exhaustion
• to strengthen the immune system
• to accelerate body regeneration
• as relief during dizziness
• to eliminate humming in the ears (tinnitus)
• as relief from headaches caused by insufficient oxygenation in the brain
• as prevention of headaches and migraines

Ingredients: coenzyme Q10, Ginkgo biloba extract (Ginkgo biloba leaf Extr. 6/24), black pepper extract (Piper nigrum extract, stand. min. 90% piperine), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (pyrodoxine hydrochloride), fillers (microcrystalline cellulose, corn starch), stabilizers (hydroxypropylmetylcelulosa).

Recommended dosage: 1 capsule to be taken in the morning with food or during the onset of a problem. Regular use is recommended for three months. In exceptional cases of increased dosage do not exceed the daily dosage of 6 capsules.

Precautions for use: Food supplements are not a substitute for a varied diet and healthy lifestyle. Not intended for children under the age of 3, pregnant or breastfeeding women. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any diseases.

Storage: : Store in a dry and dark place a temperature below 30 °C. Keep out of the reach of children.

Producer: ESSENS EUROPE SE, Zaoralova 3045/1e, 628 00 Brno, Czech Republic

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