Essens Lactoferrin - Unguentum 10g

Lactoferrin Unguentum

ESSENS Lactoferrin Unguentum is a unique healing ointment. The basis is created by myristate surfactant and virgin olive oil.

Even though it does not contain water, the ointment is easily spreadable, hydrating and has a perfect penetration.

Thanks to this, Lactoferrin is slowly and effectively dissolved. The treated skin is not exposed to undesirable maceration.

ESSENS Lactoferrin Unguentum was developed under the pharmaceutical supervision in the Czech Republic and under the fulfilment of the strictest rules and standards of EU. All components are obtained solely from natural sources. No preservatives, stabilizers, colourings or ingredients prepared chemically are used.

Only the ingredients of the highest possible and guaranteed quality are used for the manufacture.


What is Lactoferrin?

Lactoferrin is a multifunctional protein from the family of multifunctional transferrins (carrier of trace elements as iron, copper and zinc), which occurs naturally in the human body. It is presented in exocrine secretions, particularly in blood plasma and white blood cells. Lactoferrin can also be found in a small amount in ALL body fluids and it is, in fact, a part of INNATE immunity.

Lactoferrin is natural for the human body which is able to recognize and accept it without any reactions.

Moreover, no resistance has been recognized so far (as for antibiotics or other drugs). Lactoferrin is effective for all of us, regardless of gender and age. The asset of Lactoferrin molecule is that it is more stable then acids and enzymes.

Any inflammation in the body is accompanied by acidification of inflamed tissue and many active materials (such as antibiotics) lose their effectiveness in these surroundings.

Our Lactoferrin molecule is more stable against acids and enzymes, so it is


Lactoferrin used in ESSENS products is obtained from bovine milk. The reason is that it’s the most similar to the human one and has the SAME effect. Lactoferrin is made up of 700 amino acids while human and bovine Lactoferrin differs only in 2 amino acids (individually it differs in 8 amino acids!).

The nativity (not being damaged by heat, enzymes and chemicals during manufacture) of Lactoferrin is a very important parameter. We emphasize that Lactoferrin was treated with sophisticated technology from FRESH skim milk and not from the whey, which is a waste material in dairy production.

Another important factor of high quality is the degree of saturation by iron and other trace elements (copper, zinc) due to optimal regulation and maintaining a constant level of trace elements in the body. Under normal circumstances, the saturation of Lactoferrin fluctuates between 10 – 30 %. If Lactoferrin is saturated more than 80 %, its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect decreases. ESSENS Lactoferrin passes through strict control of saturation by iron and its amount is a mere 23 %, thus very low.

Why are the results of wound healing on the skin surface and mucous membrane with the help of ESSENS Lactoferrin Unguentum

So why is it so unique?

It is thanks to effective materials and their top quality, specific waterless ointment basis, modern equipment in the technology of ointment manufacture, uncompromising approach towards the control of ingredients quality and the final product.

At last but not least it is thanks to the developed cooperation with professional scientific medical institutions.

Wounds healing on the skin surface or mucous membranes is a complicated biological process and from the medical point of view it is divided into 5 stages:

The research of medical specialists has come to the conclusion that inflammation is the entrance process for wound healing. An excessively long period of inflammation or a high inflammatory reaction can lead to bad wound healing and can be a cause of complications in the processes leading to recovery.

When to apply ESSENS LACTOFERRIN Unguentum?

  • Hemostasis, the automatic reactive ability of an organism to stop bleeding, a very demanding and effective reaction of the organism to injury

  • Reparative inflammation is a stage when the activation of numerous materials and growth factors are supposed to prepare damaged or injured tissue to be replaced

  • Granulation is a process of formation of granulation tissue that fills in the wound progressively from the edges. New vessels and a network of collagen is formed

  • Epithelization is a process of replication and migration of epithelial cells into the unhealed areas of skin and mucous membrane and leads to the formation of a new covering tissue, replacing the provisional one

  • Wound remodelling is a stage when the adequate strength and adaptation to conditions of natural processes of the organism is established in the new tissue

  • To speed up the healing of a wide spectrum of injuries, such as abrasions, small cut wounds, burns, postoperative wounds, bedsores

  • During infectious, viral, fungal or yeast diseases of the skin and mucous membranes

  • To speed up the healing of herpetic infections (herpes, mouth ulcers)

  • During skin problems as acne, atopic dermatitis, skin erythema, cracked mouth corners, irritated skin in the area of the nose during cold etc.

Use: rinse the affected area and let it dry. Apply ointment in the layer of about 1 mm. The ointment can be applied several times a day. The treated place does not need to be rinsed again before applying a new dosage of ointment

Ingredients: Lactoferrin, Myreth-3 Myristate, Olive Oil Virgin.

Content: 10 mg ointment

Storage: Keep out of reach of children. Best use within 6 months of opening.

Producer: ESSENS EUROPE SE, Zaoralova 3045/1e, 628 00 Brno, Czech Republic

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