Must Have Edition - Essens Boudoir Second Skin Perfume Sample 2ml

Together with our new Must have edition collection, we have also opened a unique ESSENS Boudoir showroom for you, which will become a place for our personal and online meetings, also designed for sharing feedback and for presenting ESSENS products.


From this beautiful conjunction, our new perfume ESSENS Boudoir Second Skin was created, which carries the soul and scent of our Second Skin products and is veiled in an exclusive box in the design of our ESSENS Boudoir showroom.

ESSENS Boudoir Second Skin perfume carries the scent of the Orient and flowers.

  • Top note: Pepper, black currant, almonds, green tones

  • Middle note: Lily of the valley, tuberose, jasmine

  • Base note: Amber, cocoa, tonka bean

RRP: £1.60 - 2ml

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